Latest News – July 2020

This coming Tuesday, July 14 I will be very pleased to be performing with my trio at Studio5 in Evanston, IL. They have set up a very safe environment (no live audience) with great cameras and audio. You can purchase an “online viewing” ticket for $10, or just catch the 1st hour on WDCB radio.

As we all struggle with the reality of our world today, I remain hopeful as people step up to support each other. The entire music industry is transforming before our eyes, and I’m trying to embrace what’s to come. I want/need very much to keep performing, so you can find me performing on FB Live at┬ámany nights of the week, as well as regularly on Wednesdays at 10 pm. I will be running YouTube streams as well!

Wishing everyone who sees this good health and a bright future.

Warmest Regards,